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Let's put those bolts at good use

Precious Plastic is built upon our four open source machines- shredder, extruder, injection and compression. We share them online and teach people how to reproduce them so people can start recycle plastic locally. The better the machines, the more people will get started and the more plastic waste will be cleaned up. Engineers have one of the most exciting and important roles at Precious Plastic. 

Machines from the current version work good but, as you might imagine, there are multiple ways to improve them. Modularity, cost, safety and energy efficiency amongst others could all be improved. 

We are also flirting with the idea of developing a fifth machine to include in version 3- a sheet press. Anyone with experience or know-how should come forward. We would also like to research more on moulds and how to get the most out of our machines to speed up the scaling of the project. 

We are looking for great engineers, students or interns to take on this role for the next few months. To recap you'll be working on:

- Improving the existing machines
- Creating new moulds
- Possibly develop sheet press machine

Have a look at our full plan for more details.

One foot in the future, one in the past

We are looking for machine builders and engineers fully dedicate to solve global problems with their knowledge and experience. Your skills and work will help push Precious Plastic closer to a solution to the plastic waste problem and benefit people all around the world. We are looking for skilled hands-on engineers ready to push social innovation. We work with basic tools avoiding advanced techniques so it is easier to replicate the machines all over the world.

Generally the candidate would have the followings:
- problem solving mindset
- work with low-end / basic tooling 
- self driven approach
- inventive
- ready to fail repeatedly 
- work independently
- keen on optimising the machines

Nice to have:
- 3D modelling skills (currently using Autodesk Fusion)
- previous experience working with plastic
- good understanding of materials and their properties
- able to engineer with developing countries in mind


For this position we would need you on location at our workshop near Eindhoven where we have all the tools and machines needed to conduct the research.


Plastic pollution is raging the world, and not waiting for us. 
The sooner you can start the better.

What we offer

At Precious Plastic we believe in the power of people, not money. We work with super talented & dedicated people that are with us to fight plastic pollution. Together.

We manage to bring Version 2 to life with very (SUPER) limited budget and managed to come this far. We work with limited resources and think that those budget constrains have been crucial to bring about the necessary innovation.

We are not sure how this campaign will go, however, all money raised will go 100% into the project. Which means we will also try to cover as much expenses as we can for the people involved.

Besides that, you get the unique opportunity to contribute your talent to find solutions to one of the biggest problem facing humankind. You will work with like minded people, learn about a new technology that will, most likely, become relevant in the future as plastic pollution skyrockets and get credits on our website.

We know what we offer is not usual, but you could have the unique opportunity to play a key role to fight plastic pollution and help people across the world.

Want to work with Precious Plastic?

Applications for the engineer are now CLOSED, thanks for signing up. We are ready to roll! Follow us on social media to stay updated on our progress

Not familiar with Precious Plastic yet?

Precious Plastic is an open source project aiming at boosting plastic recycling worldwide by empowering local communities and individuals with tools and knowledge to extract new value from plastic waste.

We have developed four open source machines to enable people to start recycling plastic and create new financial value from an ubiquitous free resource, plastic waste. The machines are specifically developed using universal materials and basic tools that are available all over the world. A modular design allows users to adapt the machines to their specific contexts.

All our material is available online for free. Blueprints, technical drawings, detailed instruction videos and the download-kit are all shared open source online. This is all the basic information people need to build their own machines and start a little plastic factory, anywhere in the world.

Still too abstract? Have a look at this video.