Precious Plastic 3

The plan behind our third version


Throughout 2017 we will work to bring Version 3 to the world. This new version will focus on 5 main aspects: get the most out of the current machines, help more people to get started, show plastic as a valuable material and lower the barriers to turn this into a business. Another crucial aspect will be to make Precious Plastic financially sustainable in order to be able to concentrate full time on the project. No worries, ALL material will be kept freely available online.
Our central goal remains to boost plastic recycling world wide. There are a number of ways to achieve this, each with its own pros and cons, but for Version 3 we decided to focus on the following 5 points:

1. Get the most out of the current machines

While brainstorming on how to proceed with Precious Plastic we were presented with multiple options across the spectrum of possibilities. Improving the machines was definitely on top of the list and perhaps an expected outcome of a new version, however, after long discussions we’ve decided to opt out on this. This is because we realized it would be kinda stupid to improve the machine before we actually run them at full steam. We instead want to focus on a more effective strategy that will see out team work on the current version of the machines pushing them to their limits unraveling their full potentials. We hope this will benefit the project in two ways:
- Consolidate and strengthen the current community of people that have already built the machines around the world, helping them to use the machines at their full capacity.
- Attract new people that want to start as they’ll be able to see the full potentials of the machines and their outcomes.
We will try to achieve this by putting together a dedicated team of designers, students, interns and volunteers to work with the machines trying to create outstanding products, objects, art pieces and raw material. Everything that we will learn in this phase will be shared online with the community. Expect new videos, posts, channels and tips on how to work with plastic.

2. Get more people on board

The success of Precious Plastic, measured in relation to our central goal, is directly connected with the amount of people that start recycling through the project. The logic is rather simple: the more people get started, the more plastic will be recycled. The decentralized, distributed nature of the project makes it possible for Precious Plastic to scale beyond our team if we do things right. This is how we plan to get more people on board:
- Better showcasing the potentials of the machines as mentioned above.
- Create starter kits for each machines making it easier to source the most difficult parts.
-Make it easier to connect locally between people. Connecting people that want to get started, people that can build the machines, people with resources, useful store or shop within relevant geographical regions.

3. Disposable to valuable

We want to change people's perception of plastic from disposable to valuable- as you might imagine this is easier said than done. But we, at Precious Plastic, and many more from the community have already begun the shift. This crucial to get closer to our central goal of giving value to plastic waste. The day that people, creators and makers around the world will see plastic as a valuable resource, the concept of plastic waste will be eradicated at once. We will try to get there by:- Showcasing a number of outstanding creations that will make people question their conventional understanding of plastic waste.  - Design high-end, functional, expensive plastic recycled objects people want to keep  - We try not to play the game of the oil industry. We don’t pursue the cheap ideology creating disposable plastic recycled commodities. We want plastic to gain a new status.

To do this we will develop 2 collections.
Precious Plastic Collection: This collection will be experimental, expensive and exclusive. It will be focused on making plastic valuable and push the limits of recycling plastic. Exploring new possibilities without limiting ourselves too much on series production. The R&D from this collection will fuel our community collection.
Community Collection: With this collection we will provide people with more examples of useful & valuable products to make with the machines. All of them will be specially designed to work with the machines and ready for productions. We will share all the information on how to recreate them, CAD drawings for the moulds, optimized machine settings and video tutorials on how to do it.

4. Open source business models

In order to fulfil our central goal, Precious Plastic needs to move from the recreational, ethical area to a more practical one based on creating fair livelihoods for its users. Precious Plastic’s impact could be increase manyfold if we find a way for people to make a living out of collecting and recycling plastic. To achieve this we want to create an open source business plan on how to start your own plastic recycling business. This plan would provide most of the knowledge and information needed to start a recycling business from zero, no matter where you live. Using the Community Collection as a starting point to get it off the ground and building upon it. This could help Precious Plastic in different way, like:
-give extra incentives for people to start-
reaching out to new crowds not necessarily into sustainability but into business
-push independent, distributed research & development

5. Precious Plastic financially sustainable

Last but not least, we have to make Precious Plastic financially sustainable and independent. This way we can focus full time on the project and create more long term plans. Rather than spending time filling in piles of paperwork and documents we want to fully concentrate reaching our central goal, boost plastic recycling world wide.
Note: we will always keep Precious Plastic free and open source but will slowly introduce a number of different ways to generate money to cover the running costs of the project. We have a few ideas on how to do this:
- Sell starter kits that make it easier to get started (trying to keep them as cheap as possible for our people)
- Craft one off products, art pieces or creations to be sold internationally.

An overview of this version

- Provide more product examples and tutorials on how to replicate them.
- Make it easier to get started with a set of machines.
- Change our perception of plastic, from disposable to valuable.
- Lower the risks and entry barriers to start a recycle business.
- Make it easier for our community to connect locally.
- Make Precious Plastic financially sustainable.

- Get creative experimenting with plastic, pushing it to the limits and beyond to discover its full aesthetic and functional potential.
- Develop an exclusive Precious Plastic Collection of valuable objects from plastic waste.
- Develop a Community Collection of objects made with the machines.
- Provide video tutorials on how to replicate our community collection.
- Make a stamp-logo to mark products with their plastic type.
- Provide more example videos on moldmaking.
- Curate a collection of objects designed by the community, used for expositions.

- Create a map where people can create accounts and sign up as builders, collectors, sellers, starters, shops etc.. We are thinking of a map similar to this one as a starting point. Ideally it would be connected to the existing forum's user database.
- Improve our community news section to learn from each other and connect directly. More powerful searching between members, direct messages and location finding amongst other features.

- Measure output of the machines and provide metrics.
- Make examples of production costs and cycles for running a shop.
- Develop a package that contains all the information to start a little business (finance report, business plans formulas, metrics, numbers etc)
- Provide marketing tools and strategies to kick it off the ground locally.

- Provide starter kits
- Provide information on how to optimize your machines

Optional for Version 3

There were many others things we wanted to include and improve for this version. But we have limited resources available to execute our plan. We need to keep our focus and prioritize things to make sure everything is done properly. The points below didn’t make it into our core-plan. However they are still on our to-do list. If we get more resources we will try to implement them as well.

- Implement & manage translations on website
- Create an online shop that makes it easy for users around the world to sell their objects through Precious Plastic
- Family members program. Give more care to people that already started and support them. - Provide suited rewards.
- Gather statistics from our plastic recyclers over the world and blend them together to show impact
- Create a collection of famous design objects converted into recycled plastic.
- Provide examples and videos of aluminum casting for moldmaking.
- Try a conic screw in the extrusion and find a way to deliver.
- Provide drawings for the Imperial systemImprove the mesh on the shredder and make it easy to swap in and out.
- Start development on a big sheet press machine
- Develop small simpler devices and tools to make starting recycling easier.
- Increase efficiency of the machines.
- Increase safety of the machines.
- Make a series of videos shredding things, to show what else it can be used for. Just for the fun of it.

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