Status: Open

Let's work together

This page is intended for companies or institutions that want to support Precious Plastic worldwide. From time to time, we receive inquires from companies all over the world that want to help push plastic recycling. We are happy to hear their ideas as we fully understand the incredible potentials of collaborating with established companies to expand Precious Plastic's global impact. We can only dream what would be possible to achieve with great partnerships and collaborations with established partners that want to change the world for the better.

We are open to work with honest companies or institutions that are dedicated to make a concrete impact, however, we are not willing to work with short-sighted brands searching for a good looking marketing campaign to feature on their channels. 

There are many ways to support Precious Plastic and help scale the project globally. A few examples to get your imagination going would be:

- sponsor Precious Plastic workshops around the world
- sponsor the next version of Precious Plastic 
- offer infrastructural support
- produce the machines for our people
- sponsor programs in schools
- fund development of new machines

Feel like partner with Precious Plastic?

We're very excited see what sort of ingenious collaboration you could envision to push Precious Plastic forward. You can send us an email with your idea at [email protected]

Not familiar with Precious Plastic yet?

Precious Plastic is an open source project aiming at boosting plastic recycling worldwide by empowering local communities and individuals with tools and knowledge to extract new value from plastic waste.

We have developed four open source machines to enable people to start recycling plastic and create new financial value from an ubiquitous free resource, plastic waste. The machines are specifically developed using universal materials and basic tools that are available all over the world. A modular design allows users to adapt the machines to their specific contexts.

All our material is available online for free. Blueprints, technical drawings, detailed instruction videos and the download-kit are all shared open source online. This is all the basic information people need to build their own machines and start a little plastic factory, anywhere in the world.

Still too abstract? Have a look at this video.